Peter Novosel Writer / Director

About Pete

Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, Pete spent his childhood plowing through cinema and dreaming of one day becoming a director. 

His journey to achieving that goal however took an accidental detour along the way when he stumbled into advertising and enjoyed a long and celebrated career as a creative director. He was honored with some of the most prestigious accolades, including awards from the Clios, D&AD, One Shows, Effies, and Cannes - all of which he considers to be utterly meaningless but sound pretty impressive on Bio pages just like this one. During his time in advertising he worked in London, Australia, Asia, and the US, which has given him a wider perspective not only on the world itself, but also helped him develop a uniquely personal tone that blurs the line between comedy and drama that can be seen across all of his work.

Most recently he helped launch Houseplantworking in close creative collaboration with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg by writing and directing the video content for their incredible cannabis brand and helping bring their vision to life. And over the last few years of directing commercials he’s been lucky to work with the likes of (prepare yourself for some shameless name drops) Seth Rogen, DJ Khaled, Megan Fox, Milo Ventimiglia, Alexandra Daddario, Pat Mahomes, Dak prescott, Chrissy Teigen, Brittany Snow, Beth Stelling, Venus Williams, Matt Ryan, Rickie Fowler, Victor Cruz, and Iskra Lawrence to name (a few more than…) a few. And he's directed commercials for brands including DIRECTV, NFL, American Express, Google, Sony, Mercedes, Dr. Pepper, Sprint, and Adam & Eve Adult Toys to name a handful. 

This experience has helped hone his sharp and offbeat style of comedy, ability to inspire brilliant performances and create unforgettable content regardless of budget or timeline. 

Here's a photo of Pete on set looking, for some reason, like he's conducting an orchestra (photo: Frida Perez).

When he isn't on a commercial set he's working on several narrative projects that are in the works, including his most recent short film called Teller Number Four which has been entered into an embarrassing amount of festivals because Pete tends to get excited easily. Either that or he's telling anyone who'll listen about that time he played in a punk rock band that used to play in front of lots of people, cracked a Top 10 hit, and, perhaps most importantly, had a song on Guitar Hero.

And in case you were wondering yes it was very uncomfortable for me to write all of these things about myself in the third person.

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